Each season has its distinct palette of colours, textures and accessories. Those particularly associated with fall undeniably make a space more inviting and perfect for cocooning.

Do you want to make your home decor more welcoming for fall? Here are 10 room ideas to inspire you whether you want to transform the kitchen, living room or bedroom. 

A Dramatic Dining Room

In this room, various wood tones come together to create a gentle neutral ambiance. The vase of branches certainly enhances the autumnal feel of this decor. We are likewise crazy about the matte dishware. The light fixture—reminiscent of a bees’ nest—in conjunction with the black chairs and table legs create a beautiful contrast.

A Cozy Reading Nook

The MCM style (mid-century modern) remains a top trend and it’s easy to see why! This classic design aesthetic is timeless. In this room, a reading nook has been effortlessly created using a plush chair, a wood block as a side table and a linen area rug. And the forest green of the leaf, silky throw and upholstery are just the punch of colour this monochrome decor needs.

A Feminine Bedroom

The easiest way to make a room autumn cozy is to add seasonal textural elements. In this example, the colourful pillows and ochre throw contribute to the cocooning atmosphere that we love so much. Moreover, the hanging hammock chair with its black and beige throw invites us to kick back and the matching paintings are the perfect finishing touch.

Magnificently Accessorized

Contemporary interior design is not necessarily minimalist. In this room, the wicker baskets under the bench are as decorative as they are functional. Accessories—the throw, teapot and books—are scattered here and there to make the room feel lived-in. 

All Stitched Up

Wall decals are a fantastic way of revamping a child’s room. They help create the playful atmosphere kids love and can be applied to the wall in no time. With its panelling and herringbone flooring, this room is more traditional in style; however, add a taupe bedspread, an oversized knit stitch throw, and a mustard-yellow pillow and you have an autumn-themed space. Just switch out the textile elements when fall comes to an end for a whole different look!

Dynamic Textures

The log wall is the strong focal point of this room. To recreate the look, cover a wall with a faux-wood wallpaper, mural, or tile. This all-natural decor element is particularly suited to a Scandinavian-style home or rustic cottage. And don’t miss the storage basket that would be great in a home office or playroom.

Spotlight Stealing Headboard

Change up your headboard to fit the season? Why not! In spring, replace this unique arrangement with bright flowers. But for now, these tall, dried grasses are the star of the show in this minimalist bedroom. The green houseplants add a splash of colour to this mostly white, grey and beige colour scheme.

Citrus Tones

Pumpkins aren’t the only fruit appropriate for a fall decor! Clementines are an unexpectedly refreshing accent in this mostly neutral mid-century modern room. The additional yellowish-orange accessories repeat the fruit’s colour throughout the room. The macramé wall-hanging is the cherry on top.

Simple yet Lively

This all-natural bedroom features a bed strewn with several blankets and throws as well as attractive baskets to store them in. The ochre-hued linens perfectly complement the wicker chair and screen while the tall dark green house plant perfectly punctuates the space.

Chic Living Room

Contemporary interior design isn’t necessarily cold and austere. And this room is proof! The furniture has sleek modern lines, but the other components—the wicker footstool, pampas grass and linen lamp shade—all help create the warm ambiance we so appreciate on cool autumn nights. 

You don’t have to completely redecorate your home to make it ready for fall. Simply add a few earth and orange toned accessories, softer textures and dried botanicals.