You think you've missed the best time to sell this year? Think again, because fall is a great time to sell your home and has many specific advantages. Read this article to learn how to maximize your sale this fall.


Less competition

Most people list their homes in the spring, that's a given. By the time fall rolls around, most sellers have sold their homes or taken them off the market. This means there is less competition. Less inventory also means fewer options for buyers, which can potentially lead to a more competitive price for your home.


A more serious pool of buyers

The advantage of selling your home in the fall is that you are dealing with more serious buyer. In September or October, these buyers are eager to move. No one wants to move in the snow or during the holiday season. So potential buyers generally want to get things signed and sealed as soon as possible. Some even want to find a home now to move into in the spring because they will have the opportunity to properly inspect the lot and exterior, which is difficult to do during winter.


Buyer confidence in the real estate market continues

Consumers continue to look for homes to buy in Gatineau, and they are willing to pay high average selling prices despite the pandemic. In addition, with this year's election behind us, many federal government employees will feel safer and more comfortable buying a new home. For these reasons, we expect this fall to be an even more active real estate season than in previous years.


Consumers continue to re-evaluate the features of their home that are important to them, which could have a positive impact on the sale of your home

Since the pandemic, some consumers have changed their list of the most important features of their home.  For example, a home close to work and town used to be the most desirable feature. Today, this is no longer a priority for some buyers. In fact, Canadians no longer want to live in large urban centers, but rather in rural and suburban communities. This is great news for us in the Outaouais.


Different demographics

Fall is the time when empty nesters and millennials start looking for new properties. Stage your home to attract these buyers. Empty nesters are often looking to downsize, so it's a good time to sell a condo or small home. If you have a large four-bedroom home, consider setting up one of them as a home office or TV room to help them visualize how they can use the space. When marketing to millennials, also help them see the potential of the space. For example, in a three-bedroom home, consider turning one room into a playroom.


Homes sell well in the fall

Fall highlights an emotional aspect of home buying: the search for warmth and ambiance.  When the generally mild temperatures continue into October, it makes for attractive home viewing. Fall yard maintenance is more manageable than during the summer months. Visiting your home at this time can also highlight views and features that are not visible when the trees and shrubs have their leaves blocking the view. At this time of the year, we can also highlight features like a fireplace. Not to mention, you will have benefited from the previous months of exterior preparation, painting, and window cleaning.


An attentive and available real estate broker

Marketing is an important part of selling a home, and when you sell when your broker is busiest, which is in the spring, you run the risk of getting a little less attention than you'd like. But if you can attract him or her during the off-season, he or she may give your sale more consideration, and perhaps even allocate more of his or her marketing budget to your property.